Try SaaS Shield on our pre-configured demo instance.

See how customer managed keys works with your software before committing. 

With our demo instance, you don't have to worry about setting up infrastructure, tenants, or a key management server.

Get started quickly with the demo instance. No infrastructure needed.

We believe in trying before buying, too. 

First, we recommend watching our brief explainer video on how to run tests with our demo instance.

Demo Instance Instructions

  • Use the credentials below to access our global instance
  • Change your S3 SDK configuration
  • Run your software and see encryption in action

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Demo Instance Credentials

AWS access key ID for the S3 bucket: 

AWS secret access key for the S3 bucket: 

URL you’ll need to use to access the bucket:

Bucket name:

As this is a global shared instance, anything uploaded will automatically be deleted within 24 hours.

Test easily before installing your own proxy for free.
Profit! Get customers on board.

Why Use the Demo Instance?

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SaaS businesses rely on IronCore Labs to add privacy-by-design into apps and to protect sensitive data. 

IronCore Labs offers a fast path to customer managed keys, unbypassable data controls and zero-trust end-to-end encryption. 

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