How to Make End-to-end Encryption Work for Groups 

We peel back the layers of E2EE to show you how to manage data, devices, users, and group keys with a deep dive into video conferencing E2EE.

Lot of DIY End-to-end Encryption Solutions Are a Headache (and very expensive)

Encrypting to groups has often been a sore spot for many industries, but it doesn't have to be. You don't have to buy an entire company like Zoom did when they bought Keybase to build out their E2EE.

What You'll Learn in the End-to-end Encryption Deep Dive eGuide:

What is E2EE and what it isn't (this is the problem Zoom had when they claimed E2EE but didn't actually have it), why E2EE  matters, and addressing concerns




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Transform encryption, system components, key management protocols, and cryptography validation
How E2EE works with the IronCore DCP, SDK platform and language support, advantages over DIY

SaaS businesses rely on IronCore Labs to add privacy-by-design into apps and to protect sensitive data. 

IronCore Labs offers a fast path to customer managed keys, unbypassable data controls and zero-trust end-to-end encryption.

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How to Make End-to-end Encryption Work for Groups

IronCore’s Proxy Re-encryption-based approach handles all of the hard parts in typical end-to-end systems, but it particularly stands out from the crowd when it comes to large or dynamic groups and things like key rotation, revocation, and secure data sharing.